Pro vitamin B5 & Horsetail Bi- phase serum
Pro vitamin B5 & Horsetail Bi- phase serum
Araina By Arshneet

Pro vitamin B5 & Horsetail Bi- phase serum

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Did you know that one of the main causes of brittle nails is lack of hydration and moisture?
Our unique bi-phase nail serum with star ingredients like Panthenol (Also known as pro vitamin B5) Horsetail & Jojoba oil is here to deliver a solution for just that. . . And more.

So, what is panthenol?
Panthenol is a Moisturiser/ humectant which also has soothing properties. An ingredient with the ability to penetrate the nail bed and significantly increase the hydration levels of it. At an optimum percentage, like in this formulation, panthenol moisturises, calms, repairs and revitalises the nail and cuticles.

What happens when the nail is hydrated?
It is less prone to breakage! The nail doesn’t peel or split when the hydration level is replenished.

What does the serum contain and how is the different formulation helpful?
This is a unique serum formulation with two phases- A water phase & an oil phase with deeply penetrative properties. With a humectant in the water phase, the molecules grasp onto the oil phase which has strengthening and healing oils like jojoba, grapeseed and vitamin e, infused with the goodness of horsetail, this serum locks in the hydration and moisture for long periods of time, making your nails look instantly nourished while also repairing them with every application.

Does the serum have a preservative?
Because this is partially a water-based product, adding an eco-cert certified preservative is a necessity.